Startup growth

There is a significant growth of entrepreneurs and freelancers all over the globe and UAE is not an exception. Increased numbers of start-ups and freelancers are forming different market approach where people are forced to search for alternative and more efficient ways regarding finding their workspaces. Dubai is the hub of Middle-east which means it will attract more and more foreign investment. In 2018, IdealSpaces were founded to provide a solution for the increased demand of working spaces.

Mision & Vision

Our mission is to provide the easiest and flexible way to do business whether you are seeking a serviced office, looking for a meeting room or just a simple co-working space where you can meet like-minded people. Our goal is to connect all GCC and international markets by constantly putting efforts in advancing technology to provide the best solutions for those who seek efficient ways to do business. We aim to inspire in achieving a collaborative society where space owners and seekers create longterm relationships. vision

The importance of flexible workspaces

All of workspaces globally will be some form of flexible by 2030.
Middle East entrepreneurs are less than 35 years old.
Middle East workforce will be younger generation by 2025.
Total office demands in GCC will be flexible workspaces by 2025.
Say that flexible workspaces helped to manage changeable market in UAE.
Believe that flexible workspaces help with cost optimization in UAE.
Out of it's 18,000 respondents say that flexible working spaces are helping to grow business in UAE.