Why Business Centers Are The First Choice For Startups In UAE?

In simple words, a startup is a company that has just established itself in the business world either by an individual or entrepreneurs. They are in their initial stages of operation and are usually low funded either by their founding members or financed by a bank. With the help of diligent market research, you find out customer needs. And come up with a product tailored to satisfy their specific needs. However, you have to work hard and make strategic moves to make your product a huge success. If you are not capable of generating a return on investment then your business would not grow.

For streamlined business operations, you need to have a workplace. You hire different key resources to work as a team. Thereby, the workplace or an office is firstly needed by a startup. However, being a startup you already have a tight budget so you cannot manage to pay for costly commercial spaces.

Here business centers come to help startups win the highly competitive game. They provide startups with some imperative facilities mentioned below to run a business in an effective manner.

1. Startups can have a custom made pay per use plan.

Some startups require a workspace for 24 hours while many take it up as a part-time. Renting any other space will charge you for the entire day even if you use the area for a few hours. Business centers are the most flexible when it comes to having a working space as you only pay for what you use.

In case, your business would need at least 7 working hours then you can go for business centers that charge on a daily basis. While, if you need a workplace for lesser than 7 hours then you can also book a business center on an hourly basis. This flexibility in the payment plan is one of the biggest reasons startups go to business centers.

2. Cost-effective working space

Business centers are the first choice of startups since they offer affordable rents with the provision of exceptional facilities. You need furniture, lights, office accessories, etc for setting your workplace. You also have to pay security deposits for a lot of things. These expenses are greater than expected. Business centers take care of all these things for you, so you do not have to invest in these things.

3. A fully functioning workspace

What could be a better way of starting an office where you just have a few formalities to sign and you are ready to start working? Everything you need is ready for use. A fully furnished office along with all your requirements is up and ready from the day you need them. Whether it is a one desk work or a few tables, Business Centers cater to all your requirements. From furniture to office stationery, you have a working space ready to get you started. This type of ease and ready to use facility has earned a respectable name in the startup’s diary.

4. Shared environment

With business centers, there is already an established setup of receptionist, office kitchen, printing rooms (equipped with printing and copy machines, binding machines, etc), restrooms and every other office environment needs.

When your startup uses these business centers, you benefit from the shared environment. A receptionist can welcome your clients and they will be shown towards your office. Even though you have not personally set up an office, so business centers take charge and make sure to provide you requisite services.

5. No-fuss about recurring charges

You have a receptionist, you have a working staff and you use all the facilities of the office is included in the business center package. These recurring charges amount to a lot if you hired separately, but instead, these are all paid by the business centers.

6. An experienced and supportive team

Business centers have experienced working staff and a professional team working for them that knows how to handle technical issues. Apart from this, since they have dealt with several types of startups from a different domain, they are highly experienced and can give you help, advice, and support wherever you need.

The initial stages of a startup company can be a bit difficult, and this is where the business centers help them make the right decisions for their growth and expansion.

7. A maintenance-free connectivity

Business centers understand how important an internet connection is in this era. They make sure that they have a high quality and high-speed internet connection available at all times. The startup companies only need to have access to the logins or plugin with the device to use the internet. If the internet goes down or undergoes a service interruption, business centers take it upon themselves to resolve the problem instantly. They also handle the monthly maintenance issues so that the previously stated issue does not arise again.

8. A secure and licensed working place.

Two of the most haunting words for startup companies are security and licensing. Getting a license and protection for their startup becomes difficult as they are usually unaware of where to go and how to get a permit. Business centers can get the license through a simple process as they know every requirement.

And this is why startup companies take their first steps in the business world through business centers. They help them in their infrastructure and save their time. So that they can focus on key business operations; instead of worrying about setting an office.

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