Five Ways to Improve Your Small Office Culture

Office Culture, in 2023, is now more important than ever. Companies seek to resound with effective and unique ways to cultivate positive office culture. While general practices to improve or enhance office culture, involves improving communication lines, but not every company or business is the same. Small businesses or companies with smaller office footprints resound to different mechanism, to amplify office culture, and if they don’t, they should practice it immediately. Today, we’re going to cover five main ways to improve your small office culture, to foster and environment of growth and empowerment.

1. Seek Immediate Feedback

The most important thing for small offices, is to generate immediate feedback from employees. Since small businesses with small offices don’t typically have a higher employee count, it is generally easier to gain feedback from employees, or should we say, more manageable. Resounding to frequent anonymous surveys to gain employee feedback, is something that will help you determine focal points about existing office culture, to foster a better outlook. The level of satisfaction, determined through survey responses, will help employers to build upon weak areas of cultural parameters, to create an enhanced small office culture. However, it is important to keep in mind that the questions framed, through the survey responses, should be tailored in a positive manner, instead of a strict or stern tone. An open-ended survey, ensuring employees anonymity, will help you determine better responses, and hence, help with improving small office culture.

2. Sharing Occasional Office Snacks or Meals

Culture is predominantly dependent upon senior management or management’s behavior with employees. One of ways to improve small office culture, characterized by limited number of employees, is to share occasional and frequent meals, specifically snacks. A nice gesture like the announcement of collective snack time, will go a long way, in terms of a positive small office culture. Such instances or occasions shouldn’t rise to the level of office parties, but it should be enough to make employees feel part of the organization, and as part of the team. Gestures like the supervisor or manager or team lead to invite employees or subordinates to a mid-day snack or pre-breakfast snack, will help elevate office culture. Conducting such occasions on a monthly basis or every 15 days or so will keep the office culture elevated and positive and will enhance the spirit of employees.

3. Catering To Team-Building Activities and Events

When employees are out together in a team or special project, which requires frequent collaboration and teamwork, employers or team leads should focus on catering to team building activities and events to foster optimism and lively work culture, where the associated team members are working at the same pace and coincide with each other productively. An employer might call in all the employees to participate in a positive team building activity, like role playing or any other innovative activity, focusing on key issues, to make the objective fun, while elevating office culture. By assigning a team to a challenging or productive activity, key objectives are achieved, and valuable insights are gained, while employees being able to put in their valuable input collectively, with each employee feeling valuable about their input. This significantly helps with elevating small office culture.

4. Sponsoring Charitable Events

Sponsoring events for a greater cause is something that is appreciated by the employees, since it curtails an objective for the greater good. A small office may improve its culture significantly by making employees engage and an active volunteering opportunity that generates local community goodwill. An example is when companies set up a charitable bake sale, by inviting in the public. Even conducting events like blood donation drives can go a long way, in enhancing small office culture. Acting in the best interests of not only the employees, but also the public and society, amplifies and fosters a positive office culture.

5. Incentivizing Great Performance

Employee recognition is a very important element, when it comes to improving small office culture. Putting up schemes like employee of the month or rewarding exceptional performance will greatly help with building and improving small office culture. However, one should remember that such schemes should be conducted in a manner that creates healthy competition, instead of evoking envy amongst employees. To offset such an issue, the company can reward and appreciate the efforts of all employees, through annual office dinners or other metrics.


Improving office culture isn’t rocket science. It only requires baby steps, with a focus on fostering healthy employee interaction, both at senior level, and at the bottom level.

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